Safretti Gaya Black Wall Mounted Ethanol Bio Fireplace

The Finest indoor and outdoor gas, wood, electric, and propane fireplaces and ethanol bio fireplaces

Modern Fireplace // Uses Environmentally Friendly Bio-Ethanol Fuel

Modern Fireplace // Uses Environmentally Friendly Bio-Ethanol Fuel. This is awesome!

Bio-Blaze Outdoor Pipes Fire Columns

These small pipes are a lovely accent to your outdoor space with stainless steel tubes and a long lasting flame. These pipes are sculptural in their own right but when lit, offer a stylish outdoor edge that you won't find elsewhere.

Pure Tabletop Wall Mounted Bio Ethanol Fireplace by Decorpro

Pure Wall Mounted/Table Top Bio Ethanol Indoor/Outdoor Fireburner Description: Pure is a temptress made of tempered glass panes and solid steel. A structure of

Features:  -Contemporary concept of fireplace design.  -Indoor or outdoor use.  -No venting required.  -Minimal installation required.  -Unparalleled design flexibility.  -Ecological fuel.  Product Ty

Concave Stainless Steel Bio-Ethanol Fire Column Aquafires, another stylish decorative way to add warmth to your home.