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ST VOY (Robert Picardo)

- Star Trek Robert Picardo The Doctor - free Star Trek computer desktop wallpaper, pictures, images.

Heh.. the Doctor indeed.. They should have Robert Picardo do a cameo..and if you don't get this, you are not a Geek!

Robert Picardo on

Oh my gosh, Robert Picardo, The Doctor, wearing a Doctor Who shirt that says, "Trust me. I'm the Doctor." My geek heart just exploded with happiness!

Claudia with Robert Picardo at Armani Wells! | Welcome to the Official Website of Claudia Wells!

Claudia with Robert Picardo at Armani Wells!

Robert Picardo as The Doctor in Star Trek Voyager ❤

Robert Picardo as the Doctor (Emergency Medical Hologram Mark I) Star Trek: Voyager