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Richard Hell & Voidoids - Blank Generation

Richard Hell & Voidoids - Blank Generation

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Punk Rock Love! Free Punky Moms Music Mixtape on Spotify

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Just cause I listen to 'Emo' music. I don't call it emo music , I call it punk rock , rock , & metal.<<<yes

Thats how i got stereotyped bc i like bands like Evanescence , Fall Out Boy, Panic! At the disco, Imagine Dragons , and Linkin Park they have meaning and i can relate to that meaning so stop stereotyping!

Cause I have yet to find another teenager who doesn't listen to top 40 pop hits-_-

That's right<<Kill em with kindness was on and my friend was singing, and I was like "How do you know this?" Bc it's the first time I've heard it.ly and the radio" long story short, I live under a punk rock

"My taste in music goes from hardcore punk rock all the way down to the disney soundtracks..."

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"My taste in music goes from hardcore rock and metal, all the way down to the disney soundtracks.

Respect Canvas Fabric Patch Punk Rock by InfiniteDreamsDesign

Punks are generally stereotyped as Anarchists & rebels. When the government interferes in wars, Punks most likely get angry about government interference and will protest with loud music in response.