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Cintiq 13HD - Hardware

Cintiq 13HD - Hardware

The 28 Most Popular Steampunk Materials at Your Local Hardware Store « Steampunk R&D

News: The 28 Most Popular Steampunk Materials at Your Local Hardware Store

Normally we ignore "steampunk" news because it has nothing to do with real, actual steampunk and more to do with some bloke attaching nonfunctional brass tubing to his PC, but in this case these guns actually shoot something.

Can This Wearable Computer Make It To Our Wrists By 2020? - With the pace at which technology is becoming a critical part of our lives, it is no wonder that we see new tablet, smartphone or computer designs every other day. And, our hunger for something new, something more is increasing exponentially. At this pace, even the thinnest, slickest smartphones may fail to satiate our hunger in the coming days. Does is mean that devices such as this wearable Sony computer envisioned by a designer…

Why havent wearable computers hit mainstream yet? Rodriguez Design-Bracelet Computer with a Flexible OLED Touchscreen.

Razer recently announced the launching of a mobile game controller for iPhone 5 and iPhone 5s. It is known as Junglecat gamepad. The Junglecat gamepad is Raser’s first step in the arena of mobile phones by imitating Sony Xperia Play. As mentioned above the hardware is well suited to iOS and it is going to be released in  July.The expecting price of the gamepad is Rs. 5900... READ MORE: http://www.gadgetshoppy.com/2014/06/razer-launched-Junglecat-gamepad-for-iphone-5-and-iphone-5s..html

Razer unveils slide-out iPhone gamepad as Apple plans iOS 8 controller forwarding support for iPad, Mac

Intel écope d’une amende de 1,06 milliard d’euros

Intel écope d’une amende de 1,06 milliard d’euros

Gear up for the mega Intel and AMD face-off in the coming days. A spec-to-spec analysis says AMD has done better than Intel this time with its Ryzen processor.

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Electric Christmas Wreath: Have a bunch of spare computer parts lying around? Be creative and turn it into a Christmas decoration.

Les NAS Synology ont droits à leur DSM 4.0 --> HomeCloud. C'est vraiment une bonne nouvelle.

DiskStation Manager 4.0 : Synology propulse à son tour ses NAS dans le cloud (màj)

nice wifi raid / cloud system for home.

The design studio Berg has presented an excellent concept Little Printer , a small thermal printer with the new format a wireless connection to the Web. You can print the latest news headlines, games and notes. Available from 2012.

Little Printer

This is so cool. "Little Printer lives in your home, bringing you news, puzzles and gossip from your friends. Use your smartphone to set up subscriptions and Little Printer will gather them together to create a timely, beautiful mini-newspaper.

La poubelle Kinect... Je veux la même!

La poubelle Kinect

La poubelle Kinect... Je veux la même!

Un casque d’Iron Man fait maison

Un casque d’Iron Man fait maison