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I REALLY HOPE THEYRE TAKING ABOUT THEO JAMES CUZ BOY IS HE ADORABLE. yes. I'm believing it's THEO JAMES and you should to cuz it is. Deal with it. Oh, Theo. How we live you...

Lmao last week in Language Arts I heard a girl talking to someone else about how kpop was really weird and I was boutta bash her head but then I remembered all of the girl group mvs and I'm like nevermind ( WAIT hold up unintentional bts reference ayye )

Jace (City of Bones), Neville(Harry Potter), Percy(Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief), Four(Divergent), or ... whatever his name is (Hunger Games)

I'd be lying if I said that this wasn't true. That everytime I finished an original song or some artwork, I stand back and say "damn, you done good" but really what I'm thinkin is; where the closest cliff to quaduple backflip myself the fuck off of because it just isn't goddamn right. And it needs to be RIGHT. Here's to the people that are so uncreative they can't come up with their own captions. fuck all yall