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They'll know

They'll know

Crap :)

Warner Bros vs Disney - Both sides have Orlando Bloom so they both win. Why choose?

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....... *grinning ear to ear* like a boss * drops microphone* *picks it back up and dusts it off and gently places it on the ground*

*grinning ear to ear* like a boss * drops microphone* *picks it back up and dusts it off and gently places it on the ground*<<YOU ARE FAN I AM FAN FAN FRIEND


who would be so lame as to do that? *more nervous laughter*>> pfft! Who even does this like really *nervous laughter*>>>>not me of course *sweats*

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My experience with anything Percy Jackson. It doesn't matter if it is good or bad, I still do it for the smallest things. I just have too much emotion for Percy Jackson and anything having to do with him!

get out of jail free monopoly card...get out of detention

Monopoly get out of jail free card how to get out of detention drama class how do u kick a ceiling

And then just Andrew Hussie is like "psh, everyone knows I am the best at killing off characters"

Killing off main characters shows god writing skills. <-- Not sure if that was intentional or if it was supposed to be "good" instead of "god". Regardless, I'm keeping it cause as a writer I am the god of my characters' worlds.

million dollar invention right here!

Think back to the high school musical days. I now realize that high school is in fact not a musical :(

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I'm involved in every fandom here, I know the pain

Shout out to the people

Get me in the right mood and I'll listen to it all day.

"Teenager Posts If you think that I won't listen to the same song 400 times in a row you are dead wrong." I'm not a teenager but I still do :) I love what I love ha ha ha

Imagine your favorite character barging into your room this moment, grabbing your hand, and taking you with them into their world. Lets be honest though most of us would be dead within a week. But it would be a bloody brilliant week.

It would be the best bloody brilliant week of my life!<-- To Asgard! To The TARDIS! To The Hunger Games! Ok maybe not hunger games! To hogwarts! To camp half-blood! To supernatural! To middle earth!