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Leslie. Palestinian, NDN, and then some. Female, my feminism is intersectional. Born in the Midwest, grew up in Southeast Asia. Living now in the Pacific Northwest and happy about it. I'm worth it...

"Unlearn, rethink, educate yourself. It is not the responsibility of the oppressed to teach you how our society has been constructed to benefit only a certain kind of people. Be a decent human being. Understand how to lessen the suffering of others."

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I'm a big fan of getting dialogues going, but in the case of Ferguson and other race-based injustices in the criminal justice system, about which I hear White peeps opining, I think we should kinda, ya know, STFU and let Black folks tell their stories.

Identifying someone by their skin color is not something someone should be proud of. People should not be racist against people they haven't met, why don't we take the time to know them better instead of judging them at first glance.