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34 American Lady Scientists Who Changed The World

Roger Arliner Young (1889–1964) was a zoologist and biologist and the first African-American woman to receive a doctorate in zoology. During her long career she studied radiation, paramecium, and hydration and dehydration of living cells.

13 Photos Of Women Fighting For Equal Pay Throughout History

This was how Jews where pointed out for being Jewish. Germany's made them wear a yellow Star of David to point out the Jews that lived there. Jews had wear them everywhere they went. They were not allowed to leave their house without it on. If Jews were found outside of the house without the star on the were putt in jail and sometimes killed.

Take a tour inside the real Titanic (25 photos)

To find out everything I can about the Titanic... and to know every line of the movie. Love this staircase! :)

Extraordinary Women Of History You Need To Know Now

Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz, one of Latin America’s greatest poets, rejected multiple proposals and became a nun in 1667 so she could devote her life to study. | Extraordinary Women Of History You Need To Know Now

The 50 Most Powerful Pictures In American History

In this 1955 picture, Rosa Parks is seen in her Montgomery county mugshot after being arrested for refusing to give up her seat on a public bus to a white passenger. The actions of Rosa Parks and the subsequent Montgomery Bus Boycott became important symbols of the Civil Rights Movement during the mid-20th century.

27 Badass Images Of Women Winning And Exercising The Right To Vote

This pro-suffrage poster from the North Carolina Museum of History's collection, attempted to remind men (who already had the vote) where they came from.