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Follow us on Periscope! Join in on our flower-powered fun from wherever you are in the world. Our live streams will be anything from running through a field of wildflowers to showing you how to make jasmine flavored ice-cream! #weioflife #flowerevolution #lotuswei #periscope

Mmm, Night-Blooming Jasmine ~ one of my faaavorite flowers.

I hope you dream of running through a field of forget-me-nots and tulips tonight. With your favorite song to dance to playing. And the people you love by your side.

Yes. #flowerevolution

Flower elixirs for more motivation, drive + creativity. #weioflife #flowerevolution

Because sometimes you just want to get up and dance. #weioflife #flowerevolution #flowerpower

You are stronger than you think. #flowerevolution

A quick little flower-powered pick me up! ☕️ 🌸 #flowerevolution

Adding #flowerevolution flower elixirs to water with lemon + chia seeds! We're diving deep into the Black Bat Elixir this month for transforming anger + fear into strength and positive power. #weioflife

Elixirs for more JOY, LAUGHTER + FUN! Learn all about the flower + gem essences that are in Joy Juice.