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2012 Winner: Lisa Arthur, Aprimo. Achievements in the Field of of Sales Lead Management: A marketing revolution has been going on for more than two years, but it took a visionary to name it. Aprimo CMO Lisa Arthur recognizes the challenges and opportunities of the marketing climate at this moment: smaller budgets, content innovation, integrated marketing and much more. Lisa’s awareness and creativity gave rise to Aprimo’s highly successful Marketing Revolution campaign.

2012 Winner: Diane Mayer, Achievements in the Field of of Sales Lead Management: Pioneer in the use of webinars for cultivating and generating prospects at B2B Web Marketing Solutions. Increasing conversion of prospects visiting websites for lead capture and ecommerce, leading to less site abandonment, more cross- & up-sell, and reducing costs due to reduced calls to call centers and customer service: current Director of Bus Development role at

2012 Winner: Lisa J. Carmer, LeadLife Solutions Lisa Cramer is president and co-founder of LeadLife Solutions, a marketing automation provider that couples its technology with experienced marketing and sales specialists. Cramer successfully launched the LeadLife platform in 2008, and was quickly recognized as a thought leader within the industry. In 2010, Cramer helped the company grow over 200%.

2012 Winner: Nancy Nardin, Smart Selling Tools Nancy is recognized as the leading expert on sales and marketing productivity tools. She has been a thought leader on sales lead management tools since her first high-tech sales job in Silicon Valley – selling a new technology in the mid ‘80s called a ‘laptop’ computer (Grid Systems). She helped companies with large field sales organizations, like Pacific Bell, create and roll-out customized tools to manage their sales and prospecting…

2012 Winner: Tonnia Strand, Business to Business Marketing Tonnia helps companies, from start-ups to industry leaders, design strategic outbound calling campaigns that enable them to meet and exceed their sales goals. Tonnia conducts a series of outbound calling training seminars nationwide (Outbound Calling by Design™ and Cold Calling with Class™). Her seminars are proven to help organizations with internal sales teams overcome common outbound calling obstacles.

2012 Winner: Tonya Signa, Signature Marketing Services Although Tonya’s clients come from an array of industries, most are in healthcare and sell consulting, services, and/or products to hospitals, health systems, and health plans. Tonya represents professional, smart and successful women everywhere. She had an idea, started a company, and 8 years later, GE, a giant in the business world, calls her a strategic partner.

2012 Winner: Maria Pergolino, Marketo As Senior Director of Marketing, Maria Pergolino helps lead strategy and execution for all aspects of Marketo's hyper-efficient demand center. Over her impressive 10+ year online marketing career she has specialized in everything from CRM, social media, content marketing, search marketing, and lead generation & nurturing and campaign optimization.

2012 Winner: Jennifer Horton, Eloqua In her various roles at Eloqua, Jen has worked closely with Eloqua clients of all sizes and industries – from C-level executives to Eloqua power users - not only as an expert in industry best practices for demand generation, but also as someone who has experienced first hand the challenges and rewards of implementing and managing an integrated sales and marketing system that drives revenue.