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OMFG GIMME SOME AIR  anyway I'd say Sasuke instead of Kiba

OMFG I can't fucking breathe! It should be "When Sasuke said he was going to be the next Hokage" instead of Kiba xD

:) omg I just realized that but if you wanna get super sciencey you really need your Brian and circulatory system, without them I couldn't even type this.

I wonder if the voice sounds like me. I never even thought that deep. It was just a thought. Now I'm noticing that all thoughts have little voices. Deepest teenager post ever.

Watercolor oragami birds, wut wut wut. I'd never get them, but they're still sweet.

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I SWEAR I'M CRYING >>> what is going on??!?! Someone please explain!! xx

Zayns last words at his concert were "we were one direction"<<<<that just gave me the feels so hard<<<<i need a hug now

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Everybody gets a meme

#school, #dank, #quality, #troof, #spicy

EXCUSE ME. EXCUSE ME WITH A FUCKING WOODEN DUCK. WHAT DID YOU SAY?! WHAT?! (Sparrowjay.Reika.exe has stopped working. Restart?)

if you ever ask me to do anything that i was already gonna do chances are im not gonna do it anymore