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Filmmaker Kim Pimmel (previously) has just posted another one of his magnetic short films that he calls “analog generative experiments”. In this new video he combined dish soap bubbles with exotic ferrofluid liquid and filmed it with a macro lens to create some astonishing, pulsating effects. I can hardly believe this isn’t digital

Kim Pimmel _ Compressed Pulsating Magnetic Ferro Fluids and Soap Bubbles

Sachiko Kodama explores ferrofluid

Sachiko Kodama: The Art and Science of Ferrofluid

How to Synthesize Ferrofluid

How To Make Liquid Magnets


What is ferrofluid? Trippy microphotographs illustrate magnetic phenomenon

Lose yourself in these 10 amazing cellular-level macro photos by artist Linden Gledhill Image: Linden Gledhill Photography.

Kim Pimmel, Timelapse w/Macro lens

Compressed, Mesmerizing Videos of Manipulated Magnetic Materials

Ferrofluid - Colored I Chemical Bouillon

Macro video of Color ferrofluid . Chemical Bouillon is an artistic project studying the graphic aspect of chemical reactions.

Javascript reworking of an old Processing sketch from 2003, recreated using Processing.js. Produced for Aram Bartholl

Javascript reworking of an old Processing sketch from recreated using Processing. Produced for Aram Bartholl