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It Still Matters: How to Teach Good Manners Yes, I have been to a party with a mom who put her kid (with cowboy boots) on the table. They suffer from almost no good manners!

How to Teach Good Manners

Modern Manners: How to Teach Good Manners. Raising a polite kid in a rude world isn't as hard as it seems. (Manners divided into age groups (Parents magazine November

How to Teach Good Manners To Kids

Having good manners goes far beyond just knowing when to say "please" and "thank you". Proper etiquette helps them to develop lifelong social skills and have healthy, safe and respectful relationships

how to teach dinner party manners to kids. I seriously love her take on this, and so something we'll do some day!

Manners on/ manners off dinner dates with your kids to teach appropriate table-side behavior

10 Tips to Better Manners | 10 Secrets to Polite Kids Through the Holidays

10 Secrets to Polite Kids

Welcome to the holiday season, prime time for showing off your kids' manners (or lack thereof). Here are 10 savvy suggestions on how to enforce some civility at your next family fete.

Child acting

Help Your Child Learn Through Creativity

DiscoveryARTS Camp at Pacific Conservatory introduces children to the magical worlds of music, art and drama. Each weekly camp is theme-based and campers enjoy preparing a Grand Finale Performance each Friday! I like the curtain

manners matter...teach your stinkers well in 2014...basics to go by www.snickerdoodles.ca

25 Manners EVERY child needs by the age of This is a good list. I can't stand when kids yell "Mom!" a billion times until the parent finally gives in. Teach your kids manners people!

I will soooo be using this idea!!!

another smart parent.letter from the tooth fairy regarding a dirty bedroom! -- Not the exact wording, and not always from the Tooth Fairy, but definitely a good idea for the future messy room boy : )

Apps to Teach Kids Manners - Techlicious

Apps to Teach Kids Manners

With the social whirl of school events and summer family visits on the horizon, it’s a great time for kids to take a refresher on manners and etiquette.

I wish I could make every parent read this. then maybe when these toddlers get to be my age they will have more manners than my generation does. ugg

How to teach toddlers manners.good ideas/lessons for my cookie stealing 16 month old.

manners kids need to learn

10 Manners Your Kids Need to Know (infographic

Try helping kids learn these 10 specific manners! We hope it makes teaching manners to your kids more fun!