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24 Mesmerizing Loading Icons That'll Make You Drool

Bees & Bombs: mesmerizing GIFs that are the perfect marriage of mathematics and art

Παραμύθια τῆς Χαρη-μᾶς...: Ο ΠΙΓΚΟΥΙΝΟΣ Ο ΠΕΝΗ

Animated Gifs - Animation Gifs - Animated Gifs - Animations - Gifs - Gif: May 2014

Rita7070 has shared an animated gif from Photobucket. Click to play

Sweet dreams my sweet Angel Vylette although I would rather you were really AWAKE and here with us rather than in Heaven! Pleeeese read, like and share " JUSTICE FOR VYLETTE!it's all unfair unjust and extremely sad and painful!


I want to be snuggled up next to the fireplace in this little cabin, drinking a hot drink with a good friend.

The Spellbinding Mathematical GIFs Of Dave Whyte

The Spellbinding Mathematical GIFs Of Dave Whyte

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gyclli:  Sweet dreams Tumblr :)☆.. ´¨`* ¸ ☆.                           ¸ ☆. ♡ ღ

by Alexander Volkov. (the place to be on a cold winter day. inside and warm)