Sol LeWitt, 'Wall Drawing #1185' (scribble gradient)

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Callum Innes

Exposed Painting Indigo by Callum Innes, at Sean Kelly

Donald Judd ‘[no title]’, 1988 © Estate of Donald Judd /VAGA, New York/DACS, London 2016

‘[no title]’, Donald Judd, 1988

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Whitehot Magazine of Contemporary Art: Artist and Publisher Noah Becker presents one of the world's leading art magazines.

Mark Williams | "Little accidents or unexpected events can be okay. I like a little bit of visual incident. I accept it and then I start to work with it, so the result is not totally out of my control. I select when I stop and adjust."

Mark Williams, "Untitled oil enamel paint and paper on Mylar, 24 x 18 inches x cm) © 2012 Mark Williams

Le pigment de la lumière by Olaf Nicolai & Heidi Specker | Ti Pi Tin

Le pigment de la lumière by Olaf Nicolai & Heidi Specker

Raul Mazzoni’s Geometric Abstractions

Geometric abstractions by Argentinean painter Raul Mazzoni. Ranging from 48 to 150 cm square, the artist's acrylic paintings were first developed in the late