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I'm a princess because my father is the King of Kings! I'm 24 and I choose to follow Jesus because he gives me hope, joy, and love. If you think no one loves you that is not true, because Jesus thinks you are to die for

Jump on a plan tomorrow and go somewhere you have never gone! Quit your job because you are meant for something so much greater! Tell that person how much you really care because there might not be a tomorrow; if they can't handle it, thats their problem!

It's tiring to feel so unimportant to someone. It's always one-sided friendships I've dealt with.. Hate to say "I give up", but it is what it is.. I just continue to pray God will bless me with a real friend one of these days. At least I have my family.

We learned the hard way so you don’t have to. We recently asked members of BuzzFeed Community to tell us the best piece of

Our 14 Day Kiss Your Husband Challenge is perfectly timed for a big finish at midnight on New Year’s Eve! So pucker up and take the challenge to make your relationship stronger, happier, and more playful. Kiss him when you get into bed.

So true. Life is peaceful these days. I was trying to work things out but after hearing the latest garbage peddled, I just want to move on in peace. How long before they figure that people do not respect what they are doing? Your lies hurt you, not me.