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Funny pictures about Messing with an English major. Oh, and cool pics about Messing with an English major. Also, Messing with an English major.

**** Spoilers, Sweetie****    I love 10's reaction when the War Doctor mentions the Bad Wolf girl in the 50th. It broke my heart and made me incredibly happy at the same time. I'm so glad Billie Piper and David Tennant were brought back.

I am the Bad Wolf. I create myself. I take the words, I scatter them in time and space. A message to lead myself here. I want you safe. My Doctor. All things. The Time War ends.

Keep calm and Adventure on. not gonna lie, I love this show

Keep calm and Adventure on.

I need this Doctor Who Tardis teapot to go with my Doctor Who Tardis tea cup.

TARDIS Teapot MadeToOrder Handmade Blue Police Box by jadeflower. (If we had this, I would drink more tea.

I have to be honest, took me a second to figure it out

Oh, Jean Luc, that phone booth makes the Enterprise look weak. I love the Enterprise, but the Tardis wins hands down.

sorry if you're a fan, but it's true

Dalek > Kristen Stewart, 'Speaks in monotone and has no face Still a better actor than Kristen Stewart'

Pages from Sherlock Holmes bouquet (by Bookworm Eats Flower) + River Song sonic Screwdriver

A bridal bouquet made from the pages of a Sherlock Holmes novel and River Song's sonic screwdriver. Bouquet by Bookworm Eats Flower and ElsaWolf, photo by Stephanie Jones Photography. (via The Mary Sue and Offbeat Bride) Damn, ultimate nerd bouquet.

Imagine the background music by youself <3

Funny pictures about Iron Sailor Moon Man. Oh, and cool pics about Iron Sailor Moon Man. Also, Iron Sailor Moon Man photos.