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The Hellenistic Period in Northern India

The world’s first great empire, the Persian Empire, was forged by Cyrus around the year 500 BC. Its dominion spread across much of the ancient world, from modern-day Libya and the Ionian Islands in the west to the river Indus in the east. Alexander the Great conquered the Persian Empire, throwing a spear into the ground, declaring Asia Minor a gift to him from the gods. ...... Discover more articles here:

Trend Alert: The Fashion Forecast For 2016

Every year we look forward to new trends and fashions that are slated to rule the year ahead. Fashion designers and experts bring forth the fashion buzzwords for the upcoming year based on the trend analysis of previous years, as well as the demand forecast. The fashion forecast throws light on crucial aspects like fabrics, designs and color palette for the forthcoming season. .............. Discover more articles here:

Has Amazon Changed E-retail in India?

Last year Amazon entered India. The entry wasn’t with as much fanfare as most would have expected but it caused quite a big bang in the e-retail sector. After all, we are talking about a company that, in its twenty years of existence, has become well-known for its aggressive and high-investment business model. ........... Discover more articles here:

The Growth of India's Apparel Exports

A report by the credit rating agency ICRA suggests that Indian garment exports are likely to increase to $18 billion this calendar year as opposed to $16.5 billion in 2014. The company also predicts a steady growth in exports by 20% to touch the $20 billion mark the next year, reflecting the growth in apparel trade worldwide. ........... Discover more articles here:

Handloom Weavers - But Not by Choice

The keepers of the profession and the art - the weavers who have created exquisite and timeless classics on handloom from Benaras are a dying breed. The community has a lot of hopes from India's latest Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, not only because the PM represents the city, but also because they believe that the ancient craft form requires protection. ......... Discover more articles here:

See the Hottest Trends in Indian Street Style

Indian street style is as varied and diverse as the country itself. While you have the Delhiites dressing in the best of the brands from head to toe, you’d find the Bombaywallahs dressed practically, to tackle the humid weather. The fashion down south is more conservative whereas that in the east is a fabulous medley of contemporary lines with a unique local touch. .............. Discover more articles here:

Rising Demand for Artificial Jewellery in India

High prices for original diamond and gold jewellery in India have driven consumers towards imitation jewellery. Consequently the Indian jewellery industry has changed drastically over the years due to more people now opting for affordable artificial jewellery. ......... Discover more articles here:

Winter Fashion Essentials to Beat the Chill

Come winter and the only thing we want to do is to snuggle up in bed and never leave! But with work that needs to be done and chores that need to be completed, staying inside the house throughout winter is impossible. Braving the chill however does not have to mean walking out in bundles of clothing that make you resemble a ball of wool. ........ Discover more articles here:

10 Life-Changing Indian Fashion Tips

We’ve all seen pictures from our parents’ wedding photo album that bring on a wave of nostalgia but also reveal some undeniably cringe-worthy fashion choices. If you happen to be Indian there are a few things common to all these old pictures regardless of when and where they were shot. ......... Discover more articles here:

In Conversation With Fashion Stylist And Designer Esha Amin

Ever wondered what it’s like to work in the heart of the fashion industry and to help create those glossy magazine spreads and catwalk ready looks? We caught up with fashion stylist Esha Amin to find out what it is like to be a stylist for the stars. ........ Discover more articles here: