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I'm an A.

Wicca Teachings : Photo I am C and I think it's pretty accurate.

List of demons and their sigils of summoning

Demons and their Sigils of Summoning, Occult Geometry, and Neon Spirits stuff for dark omen


♦◊ Gems ◊ Stones ◊♦ An infographic guide to each month’s birthstone. The most interesting facts about the stone or gem symbols about the month you were born.

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Symbols ancient and magical alphabets. Celtic Tree alphabet (Ogham)in the middle. BLF, or BLN?

What Do Your Feet Say About You?

What Do Your Feet Say About You?

Scary accurate for me


Understanding Celtic symbols is shown in the image above. Celtic history is one of the most important parts of history as it was the start of many other Religious groups and their own symbols or signs.

Finger Length Reveals About Your Personality

Here’s What Your Finger Length Reveals About Your Personality

Atsciences: Do You Know What Finger Length Reveals About Your .


Embrace your light and dark side. Keeping a balance is key to happiness, never suppress either as both are equally important as one can not . Black and white reflect the image's contrast.


Images from the History of Medicine (NLM) Palmistry diagram Subject: Image of left hand with fingers and palm sectioned into different areas. Text is printed on the hand, attributing various emotions or characteristics to each section.

What Does Your Favourite Color Say About You?

Got a favorite color? Well, what does your favorite color say about you? Check this artistic infographic for answers and fascinating color facts. Important when choosing brand colors! Jaz Cook's two favorite colors Green and Red :)