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terror in the crypt

terror in the crypt

Baphomet with many symbolic elements, and the mantra of Aleister Crowley, "Do What Thou Wilt."

Analysis of the Archetypal Symbolism and Etymology of Baphomet

anatomy of the occult, (these symbols are found across the planet, in every religion, and Culture).

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The human body, like that of the universe, is considered to be a material expression of ten globes of light (of The Tree of Life). Therefore man is called the Microcosm, the little world, built in the image of the great world he is a part. The Universe!

The Occult Significance of Blood  Rudolf Steiner Boston: Occult & Modern Thought Book Centre, 1912.

Rudolf Steiner - °The Occult Significance of Blood.° Boston: Occult & Modern Thought Book Centre, 1912 'Blood is a very special fluid.

Hidden Symbolism of the Occult Arts

Herbert Silberer - Hidden Symbolism Of Alchemy And The Occult Arts

Pentacal is not a trad. Wiccan symbol, and Wiccan is from 1950 like Church of Satan.   Sigil of baphomet is not a trad. CoS symbol.

Definitely gonna keep an eye out for that anti Christ symbol. Scary scary I love it there soon cool

The universe is within us and the mosques, temples & churches are within us. Hell is in us and Heaven dwells within us. We carry the divine dimensions of light and love within us. We carry destruction and creation within us. We are the ultimate vehicle & portal to cosmic oneness - Mo Gafoor

The Occult Anatomy Print - Kabbalah, Alchemy, Tree of Life, Golden Dawn, Hermetics, Chakras, Astrology, Kundalini, Tarot, Sephiroth, Zen

Learn to calculate your tarot birth cards in the link here! Tarot Birth Card Meanings - Part 1. Infographics about witchcraft, wicca, mysticism, magick, rituals, paganism, zodiac, astrology, spells, and the occult.

How to Calculate Your Tarot Birth Card, Plus Short Birth Card Meanings: Infographic

Learn to calculate your tarot birth cards in the link here! Tarot Birth Card Meanings I'm moon-hermit