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Wow. This is such a good idea. I love the concept of different circumstances with the same characters. I mean, I do this all the time myself and there really is no way that the Supernatural finale will satisfy everyone. Honestly, at this point Supernatural has gone so far downhill that the odds of the finale satisfying anyone are slim. If there are different finales there's bound to be a good one.

【alternate_ink_spot】さんのInstagramをピンしています。 《New art! I absolutely love the many things you can do with watercolor paints, especially since they pair well with colored pencils and I LOVE Prismacolor pencils. After much practice and watching many YouTube tutorials, I give you my first ever watercolor painting. It's about the size of the palm of my hand. I cut it out in a wonky shape for some character and glued it to plain white paper. Later I'll cut it out to fit a frame. Enjoy! #art #artist…

"Come on down, Little Monkey Boy." She giggles, watching her boyfriend climb around a tree above her. "How about you come up here?" He smirks.

18 Inch Doll (like American Girl) Aqua and Pink Troll Character Print Flannel Pajamas with Pink Buttons

Your doll will enjoy watching her favorite movie in these soft and cozy flannel pajamas featuring a cute print of pink and purple troll characters ready to give someone a hug. The long sleeve top has a gathered front and back yoke and three decorative bright pink oval buttons down the front; closes with Velcro. The elastic waist flannel pants make dressing easy for little hands. Made by me in my smoke-free, pet friendly home using a Little Abbie pattern. All seams are serged/finished to ...

Little Red Riding Hood Paper Finger Puppets By Curmilla, Printable PDF, Capuercita, Cappuccetto Rosso

Hello There! **This listing is for a printable PDF of my lovely series Little Red Riding Hood finger puppets Ive hand drawn each character, they could be the protagonists of your very own Little Red Riding Hood tales characters are 8 cm high you can print them, cut them, glue them and have fun for many many hours with your kids or alone, when no one watch (hahah just like I do) you just need scissors/paper knife to cut them out and a little bit of glue or adhesive tape :) Once payed you…

Writing Prompt #21

Writing Prompt #21 |

I press my hands against the glass. 'Please, please help me...' I whispered. He watched me for a moment before shaking his head 'No' at me. I sighed and looked down. All I did was steal a piece of candy from a god... Its not that big of a deal, is it? ~Gumi~

Personal Space Social Story. Really cute and effective 2 minute video your students will love. Great for a special education classroom and your students with autism and other social anxiety issues.