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This is what my nephew Mad does when I kiss him! Lol! I love being an aunt!

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I hate how people judge dogs by there breed every dog is born to love but some owners change them and turn them into fighting dogs :(-This breed of mastiff is a guard dog and are protective dogs-TOTALLY Lisa

I want one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! #agacicrush #agacigirl

What is this breed? ANSWER per Sherry Black Corgi. We can't see if this puppy has a tail, but if it has a tail, it is a Cardigan Corgi. If no tail, then it is a Pembroke Corgi. I have a 3 yr old Cardigan Corgi and she is tri-colored like this puppy.

Little kitten, big dog

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DIY: cat house

26 DIYs Your Pet Will Totally Appreciate

DIY Kitty Condo From Lowe’s Creative Ideas.This website has a ton of DIY Cat projects! No way I'm spending a hundred bucks on a cat tower!

aww so cute. i used to sit on the pile of warm laundry on my moms bed growing up. but im sure I woulda done this too if I fit in the basket haha

Happiness is a basket of warm laundry. My little Blu will do the same thing. He loves the warm clothes just when they come out of the dryer.

Aww I watched a documentary on this and it made cry. Lol it was amazing!

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