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No Recipe. Cute design for cake pops, truffles, candy, donut holes, etc.

Onsen Manju Kun are Japanese kawaii charactes and it means something like 'steamed beans jam bun'.

Cuteness !

The famous baker: Bakerella came up with the cutest idea for Easter, the Easter Cake Pops. I love Bakerella, she is an amazing and creative baker, she is the one who created the mini cupcake pops. Here I will show how Bakerella makes her very cute.

how to make Japanese candy-inspired marshmallows  you will need:*  mini marshmallows  fondant  rolling pin  wax paper  edible markers  *Find the fondant in the baking aisle of the craft store or make your own. For the edible markers, while I usually use Americolor Gourmet Writers, I recommend the fine-tip FooDoodlersfor these. The tips are small enough for such mini drawings. But you can use whatever you have.

mini marshmallow Japanese inspired candy

Japanese Marshmallow Candy Recipe/How To Mini marshmallow Japanese-inspired candy. So super cute!