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graceupongrace: Beth Kellmer

Imagine walking with them and Dan/Phil (pick one.. or both no judgement here lol) has their arm around you

The participation effect & the benefits of introducing adult tasks to kids

The Participation Effect: introducing adult tasks to kids discusses how our family installs the skills necessary for small children to understand the complex jobs that mom and dad do around the house. Help demystify parental jobs to build confidence and e

Mom's House, Dad's House

Mom's House, Dad's House. This book is a classic guide for parents going through a divorce that focuses on mediation, co-parenting, parenting plans, and communication tactics. The book not only addresses the legal side of divorce, giving step by step practical advice, it also helps parents focus on the children and lead productive conversations as they muddle through the muck of divorce.

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When I was a kid -- all the time. My dad loved the basement or house being cleaned. Read books all night.

Raise your hand if you love a great find! 🙌 I went to Ikea today to pick up a few placemats and stumbled upon this fall/autumn throw and some fun pillows for my couch! Had to have the throw for $20....and the cute grey sweater pillows were $18 the check pillow and leafy reversible stripe pillows were $11 each with inserts!