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pretty accurate

Check out the funniest forever alone memes circulating FB, is so typical but true.

Forever Alone Meme

The original source for Rage Comics. The best stories about the Cereal Guy, Trolldad and many more!

Forever alone. #lol

"story of my life" to all my single friends who make it their priority to remind me that they are single lol

This is really bad...but it kinda made me giggle a little :O

Piglet: I'm so cold, will you warm me up? - Cute little piglet: "I am so cold. Warm me up pls?" Of course. bacon for breakfast it is!

Admit it!

I shall now type the spider pig theme song. Does whatever a spider pig does. Can he swing From a thread? No he can't he's a pig. He there, Here comes the spider pig!