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RPK! Parody Map #rpk #parodies #parody

Mortal Online - RPK vs KoS (02-26-2015) | Published on Feb 26, 2015 "After a long heated trashing talking on the Mortal Online Fourms, KoS decides to come out and kill us at our donkey storage. This is the second fight of three this day. I was not there for the first."

[A]rchon vs. [RPK] / [Dred] 3v3 - Run | Mortal Online Forums

Toxai Valley - RPK vs KoS III Discussion in 'Mortal Online Media' started by Hayasa | "Yeah I'm bad" |

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RPK raids Mermopilis - (January 7, 2015) [Napkin, never even as sharp as a Spoon, has misspelled #Myrmopolis ]