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Ruth Page, costumed as a sylph, ca. 1920s

~ On Point: 1923 via The New York Public Library ~ Wonder on the year, for her face looks like Audrey Hepburn's.on second thought, looked more closely.not her, but a good resemblance!

• This image displays how women began to dress in the 1920s. Commonly called 'flappers', this new appearance for women was a strong symbol of the decade. The idea of the flapper not only changed women's appearances but also influenced how they acted and behaved.

Slang Terms That Need to Come Back. . .By Decade

The Charleston dance became extremely popular in the especially with Flappers. The flappers had a beautiful style that was easier portrayed in posters, as their long dresses created movement to represent the Charleston.

1920's Ballet - guessing she's not scared of heights! I'm not saying this is pretty but its pretty cool ;) I don't blame her for the sickled foot, back then you know its real.

Lina Basquette - 1926 - Dancer and musical comedy star, rehearsing new steps for an upcoming production on a ledge of the roof of the Hotel Commodore, twenty-eight stories above Street, New York.

Helene Costello in the Ziegfeld Follies, photo by Alfred Cheney Johnston 1927

fawnvelveteen: “ Helen Hayes in the Ziegfeld Follies, photo by Alfred Cheney Johnston 1927 ”