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Stretch the Notoriously Tight Iliopsoas

Many people can have tight and dysfunctional iliopsoas muscles. This happens from bad posture or ergonomics in our daily life. I use to term “notoriously tight” because a tight, weak, and/or.

10 Poses for a Strong & Powerful Core - Pin now, work on your core strength now!

10 Poses for a Strong & Powerful Core (+ a Free Strong Yoga Sequence Guide

10 Poses for a Strong Powerful Core - Pin now, work on your core strength now! - My Yoga Slim

Did you know that your stomach pouch could be coming from a tilted pelvis? #fitness #health

Correcting Anterior Pelvic Tilt {The Stomach Pooch!}

Belly Pooch - May Be Due To Tight Hip Flexors - Stretches To Improve Posture, Alleviate Back pain, and rid yourself of the dreaded belly bulge!

Limit future pain and avoid injury, by following this simple guide to maintaining strong and healthy shoulders.

Save Your Shoulders: How To Keep Your Shoulders Strong and Healthy

Instant Anatomy - Leg - Joints - Ankle Ligaments

also while working in sports medicine you are required to know different locations of the different ligaments, tissues, and etc.

3 Stretches to undo tight hip flexors for injury prevention and to lessen that belly

3 Outstanding Exercises to Correct Tight Hip Flexors

Shoulder pain can be caused by a number of reasons. This infographic touches on the symptoms and causes of frozen shoulder, rotator cuff tears and tendinitis.

A rotator cuff tear can result in nearly constant shoulder pain, even at night! Click over to this infographic about orthopedic care in Marietta to read more facts about rotator cuff tears and other common causes of shoulder pain.