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What Are Teach One Reach One Principles - Teach One Reach One

If you are new to the Teach One Reach One website, you may wonder why we have all of these free resources. We believe the Church is losing …

Four World Changing Principles We Must Cover In Children's Bible Classes

Four World Changing Principles We Must Cover in Children’s Bible Classes

Teaching the Bible to Visual Learners - Teach One Reach One

We are not quite sure how it happened, but in our house, two visual learners gave birth to an auditory learner. Since we homeschool, I had to change my teaching from my preferred learning style to …

Natural Weed Prevention – Teach One Reach One

Natural Weed Prevention – Teach One Reach One

Teaching Christian Teens How to Share Their Faith - Teach One Reach One

Recently I had some conversations with various young people about sharing their faith. As I began to ask questions, I realized our teens have a very interesting view of what it means to “shar…

Teen Bible Classes and Socrates

When I ask teens what happened in their Bible class, I often hear about how the teacher was using the “Socratic Method” to teach the class. When I probe a little more, what I find is th…

Where There's a Spring There's Water – Teach One Reach One

Where There's a Spring There's Water – Teach One Reach One