7. In 1938, a freighter ship full of rare and exotic animals (including bears, monkeys, tropical birds and rare venomous snakes) was shipwrecked in Boston’s Outer Harbor. The contents of City of Salisbury remain the most expensive cargo ever shipwrecked in the area.

Anderson Shelter 1940. These bomb shelters were given free to needy people by the U.K.goverment in 1939.If you earned more than 5 Pounds a week you had to buy one for 7 Pounds. Soon after Sept. 1939 over 2 million families had these shelters in their gardens. from Etiennedup on flickr

photo by Gertrude Käsebier -- Zitkala-Sa (1876-1938) was a Yankton Sioux woman of Native American & white mixed ancestry. She was well educated and went on to become an author, musician, composer and later went on to work for the reform of Indian policies in the United States.

Lewis Hine. These all work in Cleveland Hosiery Mills. The very youngest one (with curls) said, "I ravels and picks up", December 1910. National Archives via Flickr.

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