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11 Insane Things That Happened In Massachusetts You Won’t Find in History Books

7. In 1938, a freighter ship full of rare and exotic animals (including bears, monkeys, tropical birds and rare venomous snakes) was shipwrecked in Boston’s Outer Harbor. The contents of City of Salisbury remain the most expensive cargo ever shipwrecked in the area.

DIY Lemonade Stand with Wheels

Build the cutest Lemonade Stand on the block and it's even on wheels! This lemonade cart would be so cute for an outdoor wedding or party, free plans.

How-to: DIY String Art for Kids

Let your kids make great string art for their rooms. This is the perfect craft for older kids that can handle a hammer. Let them make this great art for their rooms! The results are amazing so you won't be disappointed.

Art & Design for Kids: Rainbow Tree

Nature crafts for kids are a favorite of ours for a couple of reasons, first, they inspire young minds to look differently at the world; a child might see a stick as a sword or a magic wand, not trash, so encourage that imagination!