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Vietnam in Cyanotype

Hang co railway station

Vietnam National Musée of History/Nouvelles



A cyclo driver rests in his vehicle as the evening sun sets behind him. Seeing him ahead of me on the bridge I was crossing in a cab I just barely had enough time to fumble up my phone and capture this moment and yet I think it's one of my favorites from this week.  #saigon #vietnam #cyclo #somewhereinsaigon #traveltuesday #tanyaolanderphoto #travelsnaps #instapassport #vietnamese #saigonese #hochiminhcity #sunset #dusk #galaxys7 #hochiminhcity

Saigon through the lens of two of its expat wanderers - Tuoi Tre News

Here in Saigon, every time I make a step out on the street, I see someone's back.Though I do not see their faces, but they all do bring me some endless inspirations...

From old buildings and frenetic traffic to bustling sidewalks and endless construction, Saigon provides no shortage of visual inspiration for the city’s illustrators, artists and graphic designers.