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Doesn't appear to be any women in the photo. Gee, I wonder why? NOT.

Look at the throngs of missing women.Mitt the Twit . a sign doesn't make it so.

Brown & Scalia!  THIS Cannot Happen! Show Your Support. give $$ if you can and GO LIKE ELIZABETH WARRENS FACEBOOK PAGE !!

Scalia is a traitor, bought and paid for by his polluter and wall street owners.

Marriage - Mitt Romney - Presidential candidate - campaign - hypocrite - polygamy - mormon - religion

Everyone has a right to their beliefs but distorting them to gain political favor indicates the true nature of the man.

STFU, Conservatives

The people who demanded to see Obama's birth certificate don't seem the slightest bit interested in seeing Romney's tax returns.

Logo Fail - Esquire

Logo Fail

The anti-gay hate group Family Research Council announced a new campaign to fight the Supreme Court's striking down of the Defense of Marriage Act, and it's called "On Our Knees For America." Here's the logo, which looks like a dude .

Oh, you hate politics on facebook?

Bill Clinton used in Binders Full of Women meme after second presidential debate

Liam Neeson on Shooting ‘The Grey’: “We had lines to memorize and our brains were freezing and all we could think about was how to stay warm”

Before Chuck Norris goes to bed. yes, FINALLY a joke I can get along with! :) i HATE chuck norris jokes and i think Liam Neeson is WAY more BA :)

The republican party at this point is so alienating and disrespectful to women it's like a sick joke or something.

Paul ryan's message-- you're gonna hire women, you have to be "flexible" (not like with men, except me, men don't have families or anything to take care of).yeah, you have to treat women "special".

But but but... it's not FAIR!

Married To The Sea comic: why does the government * Text: Why does this stupid government get to take some of my money? All they did is maintain society for 200 years to allow me to accumulate all my wealth.