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It is a Barbie world, after all. Career Barbie quiz. Which career Barbie are you? Barbie professions quiz. Girl quiz, fun quiz.

Quiz: We Will Tell You Which Career Barbie You Are Based On 16 Questions

Police Barbie.  I bought this for Brittany when she was little.

Police Officer Barbie was released in SHe wears a blue police uniform and also carries a dress for the Police Awards Ball.

I had this!!! I remember that jacket and hat like it was just yesterday. I bet it is still in my parents' basement!

One of my favorite Barbie dolls. Remember this one too had a vet barbie that I loved too

Proof that #VladimirPutin is actually "Career Barbie" - BuzzFeed

15 Pictures That Prove Vladimir Putin Is Actually "Career Barbie"

Proof that #VladimirPutin is actually "Career Barbie" - BuzzFeed

In 1991, Barbie was a naval petty officer

Barbie turns 56: A look back at her careers

Joy :) 17 Barbies We’re Glad Mattel Made: Naval Petty Officer - Barbie in the military—and she cut her hair for the occasion!

Barbie  I Can Be A TV News Anchor

News Anchor Barbie! The fact that I got a job as a news anchor for my first job is CRAZY! That was my goal for 10 years from now.

According to a study published this week, it turns out that playing with Barbie, even career Barbie, may indeed limit girls’ perception of their own future choices.

Girls who played with career Barbie were as likely as girls who played with fashion Barbie to believe in diminished options for women (click thru for more). << A new study with worrying implications for how we raise girls.

"Barbie- has been a doctor, the president, a paratrooper, an astronaut, a dentist, a teacher, a veterinarian and an archeologist; but feminists say she's a bad role model because of her figure."

I agree the careers Barbie has portrayed should not be ignored, but her figure really should be made more realistic.

Careers Nurse DollExplore new careers with the Barbie Career dolls! From medicine to professional sports to creative arts, these focused females make anything possible! This career doll is ready to achieve her dreams of becoming a nurse wearing an outfit that is both fun-ctional and fashionable! Dressed in blue scrubs made cheery with a fun print and signature pink sash, Barbie Careers Nurse doll will brighten any patient's day. Her stethoscope might just save the day. Get ready for your ...

The new updated Barbie Careers Nurse Fashion Doll. Barbie is not only dressed to impress but ready to get her nursing job done.

A Day in the Life of a Fashion Buyer-I'm adding these to knick-knacks because some adults like to collect them as much as kids!  : )

Fashion Careers: A Day in the Life of a Fashion Buyer

A Day in the Life of a Fashion Buyer-I'm adding these to knick-knacks because some adults like to collect them as much as kids! : )


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