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今年美國網球公開賽出現了一位特殊的球童,他叫Ryan McIntosh,23 ​​歲,曾經是美國大兵,在阿富汗服役時,失去了一條腿。“我並不認為自己有身體缺陷,我什麼都想嘗試,我要過最完整的生活。”大家來給他鼓掌吧~~~~

Santa Cruz CA: This is the first Mother's Day I've had without my mom so I decided to do today a little different. It's only fitting that my first tattoo would be for the most influential person in my life and I wish she was here to see it. #happymothersday by ryan_haggberg

Projected draft pick: 16 Projected position: DE/OLB Projected playing time: Backup DE behind Wilkerson and DeVito, with pass rushing snaps at OLB Projected Stats: 5.0 sacks Sack Celebration: Rex Ryan's Truffle Shuffle Favorite teammate: God ... er ... Tim Tebow Rookie Hazing task: Michelle Ryan's personal podiatrist

'The fact that he lived so much before we got together, he's the exact realized person that he should be,' Blake Lively tells Vogue of Ryan Reynolds. 'And so I get to share my life with the person he's become, and we get to grow from there.'

Blake Lively Gushes About Ryan Reynolds, Wedding in Vogue: "I Get to Share My Life With the Person He's Become"

TV personality, model & actress Gia Allemand died on Wednesday, 14 August. She attempted to take her own life on Monday, 12 August. Her boyfriend, Ryan Anderson, found her. Two days later, she died in the hospital. “Gia was the most beautiful person I knew inside and out and she always smiled and made everyone else around her smile,” said boyfriend Ryan Anderson in an official statement. “She had such an amazing impact on my life and anyone that knew her was blessed.”

And for that my life is complete.

“The name is Birdman, ya’ heard man? I’m known mostly for my businesses, so this autobiography focuses more of the corporate side of my life rather than my personal side. Anyways, I’ve had a fascination with business for as long as I can remember. When I was a kid in first and second grade, I used to have a fantasy about owning a computer business one day. Who would have known it’d actually come true? I think some people's destiny is set from an early age and I fulfilled exactly that.”

Personal photograph: Army #MedalOfHonor nominee Ryan Pitts takes a #usie with his wife Amy and son Lucas. In the future, Ryan plans to tell Lucas about the July 13, 2008 attack at Vehicle Patrol Base Kahler in#Afghanistan and the Soldiers who paid the ultimate sacrifice → “I want him to know he’s here because of their actions. It’s the only reason he’s here because a lot of those guys saved my life.” #USArmy #NoFilter #family #brotherhood #HonorTheFallen

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