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Free Jelly Roll Quilt Patterns (U Create)

What is a Jelly Roll in quilting terms? A Jelly Roll has forty 2½” x 44″ strips of fabric. These forty strips are layered, rolled up tight, and tied with a bow. Jelly Rolls are wonderful and save so m

Market Square quilt pattern from Sweet Jane's Quilting and Designs - uses jelly roll or fat quarters

I have been loving Denyse Schmidt's Hope Valley...I may have to try this quilt after I finish up my Farmer's Wife.

Sweetwater - Lighthouse Quilt Pattern - Free shipping with fabric purchase

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Positively Perfect by April Rosenthal - I have all of the fabric to make this quilt, just need to make it! Have downloaded the pattern!

5 Easy Quilts for Beginners Using Precut Fabric

I followed Jenny's jelly roll tutorial. I had a small jelly roll not a full size roll. I cut off 18 inches (maybe I should have just cut off but

no joke. the EASIEST quilt to make. great for beginners. this is my 8 quilt i have made and made it in 4 hours total! and my quilting friends know it can take 3 months or so to make just the quilt top!

Simple Jelly Roll Quilt Tutorial