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I thought you'd complete me, that you'd erase all the pain that I felt in my brain. If you filled my heart with love, then you'd fill my voids above. Now you see, that didn't change a thing. // Empty by PVRIS

width="600" from: Jaci Fiebig Rhyne: "Enjoyed seeing the lovely Pine Burr posted this morning. Thought you'd like to see it in black. Made for my niece as a wedding gift.

I love to use real world images during our geometry unit. I thought you might like to use these posters, too.I have included the following 2D shapes:circle (2 versions - glass and pizza)ovaltrianglesquarerectanglesame image 1 labeled diamond and 1 labeled rhombusparallelogramtrapezoidpentagonhexagonoctagon3D shapes:conecylindercubespherepyramidrectangular prismI hope these will be useful to you!

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