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Waterstudio's floating sea wall harvests blue energy from crashing water

This light is environmentally friendly as it has a wind energy generator. The lamp uses the breeze from land and water to power LEDs.

beach lamp wind energy powered streetlight or in this case beachlight

1.  How Irrigating! It’s pretty irrigating irritating, but you’re actually charged twice a month for water usage… once for water that flows in, and once for the water that goes back out as sewage.  That literally IS money going down the…Read more →

Learn how to save on your electric bill by going solar today plus other money-saving tips you can incorporate daily. Start saving on your home energy bills.

Green energy solutions are starting to become mainstream these days, and as always, when they come in the form of passive technologies, those tend to work. How about an idea that requires the general public to chip in – that [...]

Pavegen Generates Power When You Walk

Solar Tree « Golden Jubilee || A unique lighting concept that combines avante-garde design with renewable energy technology. A solar tree is an aesthetic means of producing solar energy. It uses multiple solar panels which form the shape of a tree by assistance of poles. This is a project that would symbolise the inherent atmosphere of art, culture and science on campus. This project would be taken by the GE3 as a part of the Golden Jubilee of the Students’ Gymkhana.

Solar Energy Trees Green - What a creative way to preserve energy!

EcoSeek | Chakra Fountain with Stones                                                                                                                                                                                 More

Chakra Fountain with Stones ☽☯☾magickbohemian

New flexible organic solar panels:

New flexible organic solar panels:-SR

Today there are all sorts of different systems you can have installed in order to green your home and make it more energy and water efficient, but which ones give you the best bang for your buck? A…

Eco Friendly Home familly - Eco-friendly House

how solar panels work illustration

power - photovoltaic - how solar panels work illustration

Display this First Grade Rules and Expectation chart in your classroom to show your students what behavior is expected of them.

First Grade Rules and Expectations