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Project based learning activities digital notebook for google drive

GO Interactive Notebook Project Based Learning Google Edition Digital Interactive NotebookWhat is GO Interactive?Original educational teaching and learning materials delivered by web based file sharing services, operates in the internet 'cloud' and allows you and your students to access, edit and print files from any computer or device.Why use a Go Interactive Notebook?

Essentials Travel Items For 2017

Travel essentials, travel gifts and travel items to use in 2017. It is a new year! Here are some essential travel items for 2017. These will make your travels a lot easier, safer, comfortable and more enjoyable!

My Favorite Planning & Goal Setting Resources

This time of year always excites me. Client projects have finally wrapped up, my annual to-do list is coming to an end and a fresh new year is on the horizon. I do my best to block off a few days during this week to reflect on the last 12 months and prepare for the year to come, both personally and for my business. I love getting things in order, setting goals and having some direction as I approach January 1st. I have a feeling many of you do, too. So today I’m sharing my…

Blog Traffic and Income Report : How I made $5,712.41 in December & End of Year Review

Learn How I Made Over 33k in 2015 with my blog! I am excited to share how I did it to help newbie blogger out there to really make the most of their online presence and how to make money doing it!

Junior “Cigano” dos Santos

Junior “Cigano” dos Santos By grassetti October 18, 2013 Over the past couple years I’ve been doing a lot of portraits professionally for games, toys and statues so i finally decided to spend some time and work on something personal to share some of the techniques that i use.

"..A good project has a few essential elements. First it must produce or trigger an initial motivation, to warm up children. Each project has a sort of prologue phase, in which information and ideas are offered and shared with the group. These will be used later to help the children expand their intentions along with the adults’ intentions, suggesting a final objective.” - Loris Malaguzzi