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14K White Gold Ring with White Sapphire | Infinity Twist Band (3 Loops) | Gemvara

White Gold Ring with Aquamarine - Infinity Twist Band Loops): A strand of stones intertwines with a strand of metal to create this delicate ring. It is handcrafted in your choice of gems and metals.

Plat-Q-D - LD

The Brilliant Infinity Twist Band. A stunning wedding band customized in diamond and white gold

blue topaz or tanzanite claddagh wedding ring - Google Search

White Gold Ring with Alexandrite & White Sapphire - Renaissance Band: This wide band ring draws inspiration from the intricate stonework of Renaissance cathedrals. The band narrows in back to make it comfortable enough to wear everyday.

Ravenclaw Lotus Ring

Princess Diamond White Gold Ring with Diamond - Princess-Cut Lotus Ring: The sacred lotus blossom symbolizes elegance and perfection. This lotus-inspired ring features a princess-cut center stone and is handcrafted in your choice of gems and metals.

gemvera - eloise - custom

Round Diamond White Gold Ring with Black Diamond & Diamond - Eloise Ring gem)

14WG-D-D - LD

Palladium Ring with White Sapphire & Iolite - Lover's Knot Ring: Two knots intertwine in an unending braid that symbolizes the love that ties you together. Two gems, two people, forever. Add your birthstones for extra significance.

Round London Blue Topaz 14K Yellow Gold Ring with Diamond | Eloise Ring (6mm gem) | Gemvara

Round London Blue Topaz Rose Gold Ring with White Sapphire - Eloise Ring gem): Two halos of gemstones surround a round, prong-set center stone and continue in tandem down both sides of this remarkable band.

Rose Gold Ring

Round Rose Quartz Rose Gold Ring with Black Diamond & Smoky Quartz - Chantilly Ring