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Motion Theater; Integrated visual system communicating the concept well in clean modern and cohesive layouts. The idea is that the logo should intertwine the dancers movements to make viewers more engaged. Expressive type is yet added to make the piece even more effective. 텍스트와 이미지가 조화롭게 구성된 포스터. 이미지와 텍스트간의 침범하지 않는다는 틀에 밖힌 생각을 깬 포스터 같다. 깔끔한 구성이 마음에 든다.

Poster Design. N- i like this because it is simple and i like how theres only abit of colour and the rest is white ]

weeks ago I really like the use of typography in this image. It also takes advantage of negative space. - This counter form spells out do it which I think is clever. The word it stands out better with counter form then it would have with form.-Anthony P

Abstract triangle, pattern commercial use, scrapbook papers Rainbow Geometric Seamless scrapbooking printable