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Bionic Hand Successfully Regenerates Sense Of Touch

Amputee feels in real-time with bionic hand Dennis Aabo Sørensen is the first amputee in the world to feel sensory rich information (in real time), thanks to a prosthetic hand hard-wired into the nerves in his upper arm.

Prensilia s.r.l. | Grasping innovation - http://www.prensilia.com/index.php?q=en/node/84

Prensilia s.r.l. | Grasping innovation - http://www.prensilia.com/index.php?q=en/node/84

Video: Learn more about robotic arms and other scientific research that's happening in Arizona on The STEM Journals

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Meet the extraordinary double amputee who never stopped climbing, Hugh Herr. He developed a bionic prosthetic pair of legs that will serve his purpose—to keep living and not wasting Albert Dow’s sacrifice, who took part in the search and rescue operation for Hugh and his climbing partner. Regarded as one of the best climbers of the USA, pre & post leg amputation. "There's no such thing as a disabled person. There's only disabled technologies." Hugh Herr…

Hugh Herr in Design News

this is brilliant - if FlexFoot still called as such - chosing a cover will be like chosing which T-shirt to wear - not to say I'm jelous - but come on this is way cool:  UNYQ's Amazing 3D Printed Prosthetic Leg Covers Now Available for Pre-order - http://mf.tt/XeEvZ  pic.twitter.com/2AtResmw5X

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Present These prosthetic covers and some examples of printed options for covers. I think I'm going to have to develop my idea again because it's not nearly as unique as I thought it was!

Wireless Mobile EEG Headset for Live Brain Monitoring

European research institutions Imec and Holst Centre have jointly unveiled a mobile EEG system that is capable of continuously streaming live brain wave da

Thought-controlled arms to be fitted to patients this Winter.  Researchers in Sweden are preparing for the first operations to attach mind-controlled artificial arms to patients this (Northern) Winter.    Current prostheses are only used by around 50% of arm amputees, as they are often uncomfortable and offer very limited functionality. The new technology will be anchored directly to the skeleton by a process known as osseointergation, which will mean the prosthetic arm will be more…

Thought-controlled prosthesis (credit: Integrum) An implantable robotic arm controlled by thoughts is being developed by Chalmers University of Technology

Mão robótica 3D ajuda crianças sem dedos

DIY MOVEMENT - printed Robohand helps children born without fingers


Researchers Create Bionic Eye Prototype, Render Guide Dogs Obsolete

The Boston Retinal Implant Project is creating "bionic eyes" to restore partial sight to people slowly going blind.