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President's Day Coin Polishing and Penny Hunt: Science, Social Studies, and Math all in one project!

I'm thinking kids could use a magnifying glass to find the year and then line the pennies in order?

President's Day compare&contrast GEorge Washington and Abe

President’s Day Ideas and Fun!

Abe Lincoln hand print...Traditions, laughter and happily ever after: President's Day

Traditions, laughter and happily ever after: President's Day Handprint and Writing Prompt

President's Day Writing Activity and Bulletin Board Idea!

President's Day "If I Were President..." Printable Writing Activity

President's Day--Write after discuss Executive branch then brainstorm what they could do as President aligning with the duties of the exec.

Share and Remember: President's Day Activities

President's Day: A fun collection of activities appropriate for little ones using coins, edible play dough for "Lincoln" logs, paint, and more.

Great way to teach your kids about money. I like to use this activity to teach them ways to save their money as well!

Simple money sorting mat for station activities. First freebie on here is a Christmas penguin number roll. :) I used the subtraction bump, but the files for the money sorting map said that it can harm my computer.P ( So of course didn't get that one.