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Baby Journey: Infertility During the Holidays

Baby Journey: Infertility and Holidays

Reality of Mothers Day 2015 #infertility

Reality of Mothers Day 2015 #infertility

18 things you shouldn't say to someone struggling with infertility

When you've been struggling with infertility for a while, you hear all sorts of things. Some can be unintentionally hurtful and some are just annoying.

I wish I could post this with offending people, but really I love peoples children just going through a rough time

Increase Chances of Pregnancy - 8 Ways to Boost Your Odds

Funny Baby Ecard: Oh, my infertility posts make you uncomfortable? Let me just get back to those nonstop pictures/posts about your pregnancy/baby/ children.

Sometimes you wish you could just put the list of do's and don'ts out there. If you have a friend going through it, here's a helpful one.

How Can I Become Pregnant

More people need to learn to either be supportive or shut it. -What you should and shouldn't say to your infertile BFF

Baby Journey with Infertility: When the Road Gets Hard

You may recall back in January I had a procedure to clear my tubes and I was put on medication to help regulate my cycles for our baby journey.

"I am half agony, half hope." - 10 Quotes for Infertility Motivation | infertility.answers.com

Pregnancy Websites

"I am half agony, half hope." Wow this quote really works for miscarriage too. I'm half agony that it will happen again, half hope that everything will go well when I get pregnant again

This is how infertility feels to me...

Sweeeeeeetnesss to the max! Checkout my website and support my new clothing line and my mission to help orphans in Uganda

Adoption journey: Long story short... we have no news... we're still waiting. And the waiting is hard. But we're doing our best to remain hopeful... focusing on each other and waiting with open hearts.

But we're doing our best to remain hopeful. focusing on each other and waiting with open hearts.

Footsteps for Fertility Foundation is a charitable organization created to raise awareness surrounding infertility, and provide grants for those who require fertility treatments such as; in vitro fertilization, frozen embryo transfer, and intrauterine insemination through donations and strategic partnerships with fertility clinics. Visit us at www.footstepsforfertility.org #infertility

Get Pregnant Fast

Jenna's infertility story | AmateurNester.com

Jenna shares her infertility story and her experience with IVF, egg donation, and premature ovarian failure.

Dreaming of Dimples: 10 things I never knew before infertility

Conception Chart

Dreaming of Dimples: 10 things I never knew before infertility. Who woulda thought?

Baby Journey: Mourning Moments #infertility #waiting

I believe that God is good and He is present. But in spite of that hope, there are some days or moments when I find myself in mourning.