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Home sales show no sign of let-up in September

In a hail of gunfire, Conroe jewelry store owner Jeffery Turner Jr. made the decision to shoot back – with his rifle – at four men who opened fire on his customers and staff during an attempted robbery Monday afternoon.

Home improvements projects that have the best resale value.  I repinned this from http://www.businessinsider.com/these-renovations-could-dramatically-boost-your-homes-resale-value-2012-3

These Renovations Can Dramatically Boost A Home's Resale Value

Home Renovations That Provide the Best Resale Value - a useful guide! The rate of return can vary by area / neighborhood, so if you are getting ready for a big renovation project, it never hurts to talk to a local Atlanta Realtor!

I Wish I Had Saved Our Old Keys For All Our First To Make This: First Car, Rental, New Home, Etc...

DIY Wall Art - Keys from past homes glued inside a shadowbox with the location and years resided written beneath. I still have the key to the house I grew up in.

Protect the lives of your loved ones..make sure your smoke alarm works.

Protect the lives of your loved ones.make sure your smoke alarm works.

Who's Who in Real Estate .. and who pays for what If you have any questions at all about buying or selling a home, I'm glad to help as a friend, not as someone that's trying to win your business :-) -Anne Nymark (813) 293-9236

Who's Who (and who pays for what) When Buying a Home? #infographic

Perks of a Buyer’s Agent - Infographic Place Are you in the market to buy a home? Finding the right home at the right price can be difficult, especially if you don’t have the necessary experience or knowledge to negotiate a good deal.

Here is a list of 10 things you should be looking at and repairing if need be prior to selling your home. Fix these issues and your home will show better than many other homes on the market. Results are more buyer interest, greater likelihood to close and better final sales price.

10 Things To Fix Before Selling Your Home (Infographic)

Guide to soil amendments

Our biggest issue is getting our garden soil happy. Learn how to classify the type of soil in your yard, what soil amendments to use, proper soil maintenance and gardening tips.

Are your rentals ready for Fall?

While it may feel like you just got your properties summer-ready, it truly is time to start planning your fall maintenance checklist.

Would you throw away $20,000? You are if you’re letting your home age faster than it should. Here’s a simple maintenance strategy to keep your home young.

Is Your Home Older Than Its Years?

Remember to use low VOC paint and products that will not compromise your indoor air quality.

Feng-Shui- learn about basic fengshui for your living. http://lifestyledezine.com/feng-shui-basics/

Feng Shui- to bring balance and good energy into your house. How to Feng Shui your living room:)

Wall stencil high gloss paint on matte base. Want.

Flat paint, then glossy enamel in the same color create a subtle wallpaper-love what people are doing with the matte and glossy paint

Getting ready to sell your home? These free printables are perfect for prepping your home for showings and selling!

Free Printable : House for Sale Cleaning Checklists

Best prices and free shipping on Fabricut. Search thousands of designer trims. Item FC-2396909.

2396909 Etrog Gold by Fabricut