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This is a book report format that I created for use with my third graders. Some concepts included in the report are fiction/nonfiction, realism/fan...

FaceBook Profile Book Report

book report format created for use with third graders. Some concepts included in the report are fiction/nonfiction, realism/fan.

Tuesday was our annual Bingo for Books event. I posted about it on my Facebook page and had several questions about it, so I wanted to elaborate here. It’s surprisingly simple and so much fun. At our school, Bingo for Books started as a fourth grade event, then it moved to third grade, and is …

Bingo for Books

Family Night-Bingo for Books - What a great idea for family literacy night! Maybe a whole school idea? Maybe kids could read a selection from a book they're reading.

Historical Figure / Facebook Project - kids create a Facebook page for a famous person (scientist, historian, author) or character in a book they've read.  Comes with blank template, an example page, and directions... I'm thinking this is a great substitute activity!

Historical Figure / Book Character "Factbook" Project

This project is sure to be a hit with your social media-loving students! They will create a "Factbook" page for a historical figure or book character.

Make Your Own DIY Hanging Birthday Calendar  http://diyprojects.ideas2live4.com/2015/06/23/make-your-own-hanging-birthday-calendar/  Are you always scrambling at the last minute to buy gifts for a loved one who’s birthday you forgot? You might have forgotten to check your date book, or missed the notification in facebook. This functional and decorative event calendar is the solution!

Make your own hanging birthday calendar

Book a Scentsy party or sign up to pop a balloon for surprise savings or a free gift!

Book an ONLINE Jamberry Nails party and pop a balloon for a prize on top of all the great rewards you can earn!

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Thirty One Hostess Pick A Prize Board Contact me for thirty one products and booking parties and these could be at your party! Happy Shopping :) - design-h-ideas

"Super Bar" at a comic book party! #evite #party #drinks

We made the Super Bar drink menu and grabby signs using this free comic book font, acrylic paint, and Painters Paint Markers.