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the most beautiful dog in the world...Nikki , my lab...:)

Will own rotties again soon. My Nissa was my familiar and I still mourn her. Can't wait to have another Rottie in my life again.

Someday...and he shall be called Wilhelm. Although, I wouldn't mind a german shepherd/husky mix. Those are amazingly cute!

Please help my baby girl (part 1) Hi everyone , that cute little brat you see is My beautiful baby girl & my best friend , kady. She is a senior Jack Russell. For these past months she's been showing signs of pain, she has a lot of health problems & since she's an elderly dog she can't go through surgery. She's been taking a bunch of medications for her heart & pain. These couple of days , she hasn't been acting her usual self, she's usually super active & playful, and I'm afraid that this…

it's often in these ordinary moments that i fall just a little bit more in love with him. and sometimes even more during times of heartache and stress...he has been my rock this weekend as i laid to rest my sweet dog of 13 years. young and naive i adopted a puppy my first year of college and needless to say blaze taught me more about myself than i could have ever imagined...my work buddy at an art gallery for eight years 'bubba' followed me through three colleges and finally a degree…

Boykin Spaniel | Probable included breeds that developed the Boykin are the Chesapeake Bay Retriever, the Springer Spaniel, the American Water Spaniel, and the Cocker Spaniel.

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