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these are cute but eww

Sweater: jumper jacket blue white sweatshirt superman hoodie couple s couple jackets couple clothing :)

Aww! This is cute. How could you possibly get mad at something like this

I love getting cute texts from would be happy to wake up to that! Although I don't know if I would be too happy

how teenage boys talk to girls quotes - Google Search

Girls hearts may belong to another girl and guys may belong to another guy. LOVE IS LOVE


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my hubby always tells me don't wear the most uncomfortable shoes . what is scary is the guys shoes fit her. I wouldn't fit in my hubbys anyways

cute idea for couples or best friends, phone pics match together like a BFFE heart necklace would fit together!

Couple idea: His & Her's cell phone backgrounds of their couple pictures split to see the significant other; when the phones are set next to each other it is the whole/entire/original picture - So Cute!