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dragonflies in love

True love: These Damselflies remarkably formed a heart shape while mating



Just beautiful

I love planting flowers that attract God's beautiful little creatures such as butterflies & hummingbirds!

Amazing, lessons to be learnt for the team work here :)

Escape ants are a tower of strength

The importance of teamwork. The insects were caught on camera forming a tower to reach the top of a bird cage they were being kept in. Source: Escape ants are a tower of strength (Daily Express)

rainbow monarch butterfly requests

Butterfly with Stained Glass Wings colorful beautiful nature butterfly pretty colors rich


The Pyrrhuloxia or Desert Cardinal (Cardinalis sinuatus) is a medium-sized North American song-bird, found year-round in the desert scrub and mesquite thickets of the American southwest and northern Mexico.

found over much of the Palaearctic in temperate Asia and Europe.prefer flowery or grassy places and open or wooded areas.wingspan of 1 to inches.Britain's (and probably Europe's) most common and most widespread blue

so  niedlich  ist das nicht  ein  schönes   bild ? was meint ihr ? #tierbilder

The Peacock spider (Maratus volans) a species of jumping spider native to eastern Australia. Only in length, it is only the males that have this bright colouring. -- just like real male peacocks!

A damselfly hides behind a blade of grass -- [REPINNED by All Creatures Gift Shop] Amazing photo!

Hide 'n' peek! The damselfly who thought he was hidden. but was given away by his bug eyes

✿⊱╮Talvez o hoje seja o amanhã que você tanto espera.✿⊱╮                                                                                                                                                     More

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