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Pravljičen sončni vzhod na Kosmatem vrhu.  Fotografija: Jernej Leben  #ocistimogore

Slovenian Alps above the clouds

Bonsoir soleil et Bonne nuit nature   Natureza Extrema *0*....

Smile God Loves You ! Sunrise in Dubai. What a amazing sunset picture this is!

That sunset is absolutely amazing

On my yoga journey eventually I became more open and curious about the activity. Though I had those qualities before I participated more in the difficult exercises. This image symbolizes my growth of starting to enjoy yoga

Heading Home....

Autumn migration The birds make the photo great adding in the sunset and the mirror reflection of the lake make the photo feel calm and safe. It has a relaxing feel

Sončni zahod - pogled na Pohorje. Fotografija: Ana Breznik #ocistimogore

Sončni zahod - pogled na Pohorje.

Skuta, Kamniško - Savinjske Alpe; foto: igr

Skuta, Kamniško - Savinjske Alpe; foto: igr


The ocean at sunset . 'Red sky at nite . Red sky in the mornin' . sailors take warnin'

**Korea - zzkko.com

Sunset in Cheonju-San, Korea. No matter what the politics are, the sun still rises and sets, flowers bloom, and the beauty of nature continues to flourish