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How to make a t-shirt pillow

DIY T-Shirt Pillow Craft - A super easy and fun sewing craft for beginners #recycled #upcycled #crafts

Hot glue fake flowers to a canvas and then pick 2 different color spray paints to add a gradient effect. by vladtodd

How to do it: 1. Grab your pillow case. 2. Mix some water with acrylic paint. The thinner the paint the lighter the color. Test it on some scrap fabric first 3. Make sure to put a cardboard between the layers of your pillowcase before painting so then the paint doesn't go through both layers. 4. Paint your pillowcase with paintbrushes how you'd like it to look

DIY Sequin Pillow - A Perfect Touch of Glam

DIY Sequin Pillow - A Perfect Touch of Glam! - #DIY, #Projectsforthehome, #sewing