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Daily Awww: This will make you fall in LOVE (41 photos)

I felt infinite to simply put it, with his lips on mine I felt a lack of time. Truly my heart ceased to beat and began to fly, oh lover of mine you do not know what you do to me. Even when you leave my side I always feel your lips on mine!

"You were born with a wanderer's soul. This is how you begin to be whole. The stars keep burning, worlds keep turning." INFJ. RAVENCLAW. School Psychologist. Wife. Dog-mom. Tiny, pale, & awkward. XXVII.

Feel free to search tags!Hope i have something for you! I am Sofia, an introvert from Greece. I write, draw, sing, play the guitar, observing the world constantly. I admire colors, art, architecture and everything that gives me a deep feeling of...

"We cαn eαsιlʏ ғσrgive α cнιld wнσ ιs αғrαιd σғ тнe dαrκ; тнe reαl тrαgedʏ σғ lιғe ιs wнen мen αre αғrαιd σғ тнe lιgнт." <<What a cool quote!

I am a 24 years old straight woman. I love fashion, art, music, coffee-shamelessly addicted to it- and everything that screams elegance, beauty, erotica and SEX, especially PASSION. So, if you haven't guessed by now, yes, this is an above 18 years old...

Alex Stoddard Photography. Loki after they escape, he washes out his cuts then just sits in the water. Aspen comes over and sits with him. The first time he kisses her without it being desperate and fearful

The name's Holly. Writer.Dancer.Dreamer. I don't know you, but I think you are beautiful. I'm always here to talk, anon or not. Live.Laugh.Love. No photos I post were taken by me unless otherwise stated. I track the tag "inspirationislove" and

to all the children raised by wolves ... I often say I was raised by wolves...due to having 'raised myself'. I believe it offers an explanation and excuses me every time I exhibit less than normal social behavior....